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We launch new sales services this summer!

We are currently producing large stock collections so we can supply you all our products from Albania and Belgium.

Universal 1m2 panels

We products high-standard panels with the size

of a EUROpallet: 1,2m x 0,8m. The moss is fixed

to an aluminium or wood background frame,

easily costumizable to any size using a simple jigsaw. You can combine multiple panels seamlessly

for a bigger wall, and add preserved plants.

We offer long moss, reindeermos in 5 colors, polemoss in two variations, hair moss, south moss in 5 colurs, fern, rock, flat  moss and mixed panels: choose from our exsisting catalogue or make your own collection.

Our crew can design and produce any product.

Preserved mosses

Of course you want also bulk mosses for smaller projects, to add to your greenery and plantings,

or to sell for DIY packages and freestyle designs.

We offer group sale of Polemoss, Longmoss, Flatmoss, Fern moss, Hair moss, Polemoss and Reindeirmoss

in three colours: lime, medium and green.  

Choose between our 1 kg or 5 kg Moss Master bulk boxes and contact us for pre-orderings.

Mail for more information - large orders on demand.

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The BioMontage® products are well-known globally. We producte all three sizes of these dibond panels in Reindeermos (lime, medium, forest), Polemoss and Longmoss. Our distributors can also help you with the frames and all additional products. Feel free to combine them in your own frames or wall designs.

We recently added Mix Moss, Hills and Green Carpet.

Read more on the product page.

MossMaster Circles

The Moss Master Circles are available in three sizes and two frame colours: whitegrey and darkgrey, in the same moss types as our 1m2 panels. The frame is made from recycled PET bottels and 100% eco.

All frames have a screw hole at the back and are 100% maintenance free, handmade & unique. 

We offer now size 37cm, 45cm and 52cm.

In 2024 Ecopots will aunch the 60 and 80cm circle.

We produce fresh and vibrant mosspanels

Available for the global market since 2022. We produced over 7500m2 of moss. Please join!

We want to offer you the best quality handmade ready-to-use moss products: maintenance free, non-toxic, fire proof, treated against insects.

Made with the best products, ecological, and with a warrantly of quality and stock.

Our mission

Why choose us

Because our product range and prices are

the most competitive for reselling.

We deliver globally, from big stock suppplies

and within days. And we are the most reliable partner for your company's moss projects.

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NL - Nature's Green  / Next Gen

BE - Groenwand / Mosmuurshop

Pergo-Lux / Stoal BE

USA - Arhitectural Supplements

Albania - Moss Masters headquarters

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  • USA - Arhitectural Supplements - currently out of production
  • BELGIUM - Moswand Shop, Jozef de Hasquestraat 7, 2000 Antwerpen
  • BELGIUM - Groenwand BV, Ordamstraat 9, 2030 Antwerpen - Haven
  • NETHERLANDS - NextgenLivingwalls - Bijsterhuizen 5028, 6604 LZ Wijchen
  • NETHERLANDS - Nature's green - Bijsterhuizen 5028, 6604 LZ Wijchen 
  • STOAL - reseller of our Ceiling Tile collection
  • PERGO-LUX - resller of our CLICK collection -

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