The secret ingredient for

a smooth delivery is always



 Production & Quality Control

In our Albanian production location we have a 5000m2 manifacture and storage capacity

as well as climate controlled rooms were humidity, temperature and air circulation are monitored.

We also have a min. stock of 150 pallets and big bags with bulk moss to start immediate orders.

After designing, testing, production, quality control and drying, products are carefully packed.

How we safely transport & prepare your goods

All our products are individually packed in a strong designed unit box and fit per 5 or 10 in a masterbox. Depending on the sizes and numbers of orders we can maximize the load with our PalletMaker App.

We can add your company logo or labels on the box, add article codes or a QR, all you desire.

If you order our standard m2 panels (80x120), 35m2 nicely fits a Euro-pallet, 45m2 a US pallet (Block).

More information on the loading options of our standard product you find on the information page.


 Packaging & Storage

Drying time

Minimum 5 days of rest 

After production all the humidity

inside the moss and glue has to escape

by heating and ventilating the panels.

We monitor all process with sensors. 


Boxing and labeling

We have a wide range of boxing

and many label /packaging options.

The box sizes we use for our standard collections perfectly fit  (Euro)pallets.


Keeping the load safe & ready 

After assembling the pallets we prepare

all the documents and book in close collaboration with our client the best transport options within delivery time.


Moss on the move

from the center of Europe all the way to YOU

Truck - Sprinter

by land

For quick and smaller deliveries up to 3-4 pallets (2000kg max. load) over land we can organise a sprinter van. A full truck delivery over road can fit 28 to 33 pallets.

€ - $   hard to guess


by sea

We organise sea transport for 20', 40'

or 40'HC, CIF, DAP or ex-works. We assist with all the paperworks and bookings. Port of loading: Durrës,  30min. out.

€€ - $$  the long route

Air Cargo

by plane

From Tirana Cargo Terminal we organise direct airfreight for lower (1.6m) pallets. Starting from 2024 the cargo terminal in Vlora has flights to Middle East and USA.

€€€ - $$$   the fast lane

The port of Durrës, heart of the Balkan sea.

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Paperworks & Documentation

We help you out with all needed documents for transport, taxes and customs, import regulations, etc.

Don't waste your precious time searching for EORI numbers, HS codes, phytosanitary doc's, fumigation or origing declarations, just give us your preferred delivery info/point and we will handle all the rest.


Moss Mansion Albania 

Production warehouses Kavaja

Rruga Kavaja > Shtodher Helmas

Big Blue Factory behind the hill

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday
09:00 - 17:00
09:00 - 12:00

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Delivery & Transport

Logistics Manager Donald Troka

+355 69 470 0792


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