We produce and create preserved moss panels 

As an interior landscaper or architect you’d like to focus on designing the best environment for your clients - with the best available quality - and at profitable prices. Making your own moss products takes expertise and craftsmanship, is space and time consuming, and the result is not always satisfying.  Why doing all this effort, if you can rely on the Moss Masters

for the production? Simply buy - out of stock - our fixed high standard mosspanels in the newest trend colours and designs. And: 100% ecological.

Let's grow your moss bussiness

Contact our global partners for ordering, distribution & pricings. 

We are Masters in Moss, 

let's green up together

We offer a perfect solution for florists, landscape designers, architects, wholesalers and moss companies with our readymade moss products.  Assemble your own walls with our standard 1m2 universal panels (pallet-size, light weight, easy to install and to transport by one person). With our Click® south moss system you can make custom walls in endless combinations and with our Ceiling tiles any universal drop ceiling turns green in minutes.

All our panels are made on PET felt ®MossRoll, wood or aluminium backgrounds and are customizable to size without damaging the mosses or need of big equipments. Feel free to contact us for more information. We can make all frames and custom-products.


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1200x600 Effen - bolmos-1634389184466

We want to offer high standard moss, all year round, with warranty of short term (stock)delivery at highly competible prices.

We sell only through experienced and selected  importers/wholesalers to distribute our products worldwide.

Check the product page and feel free to contact us for rates and conditions.







We know that good quality means good business.

Preserved  mossproducts that we offer will surprise your customers! To dress your interior arrangements or to assemble a complet wall, our  moss provides a natural touch with and uncomparable shelf life.

Dear professionals, discover our selction! Let's paint it green.


We produce and create your preserved moss panels & frames

Our preserved moss panels are the result of 10 years research, creative management and development process. 

Mossmakers® is the result of a global partnership between three Moss Masters: the world’s best supplier of preserved mosses, major and well reknowned distribution companies and an operational expert in creative designing and production.  Combined with lot's of passiong we equal perfection. We are now offering an innovative readymade and universal moss product, enhanced to higher quality standards in terms of color, softness, durability and price. The advantagdes of ordering from Moss Masters:

  • The biggest choice of high quality mosspanels in Europe, Middle East 
  • Best rates without inetermediaries, directly from our warehouses
  • Sales service from our distributors: pro & available 
  • Ultra-short lead times, express order and delivery from stock*

*Exceptional orders please in consultation. Ask for the possibilities.

We know what you want and need,

because we've been there too

When we started this partnership and the Moss Masters production project, we used all the experience from our own moss businesses in the past. And eliminatad al the questionmarks.

For years we deliverd high-end moss art, frames and projects.  We  started several moss production plants and moss making ateliers, developping different styles of moss panels, frames & wall designs. Over these years it became harder to find the good quality mosses: colours did change constantly, stock supplies were running low or simply unavailable, and we all did experience the boxes getting emptier on the bottom layers, or just bad, and dry, with white or black parts and spots, lot's of branches and needles inside, or just made wet to get the weight higher, as we all pay by the weight for moss. We know the tricks by heart.

Even with bigger orders the quality simply wasn't suitable and the waste amount too high. That's why we decided to find a solution. Not for ourselves but for you and all our collegue landscapers and mosswall companies.  Because it should be and is possible to have one steady and reliable address for high standerd moss.. That's us: The Moss Masters.

And of course, we hope to welcome you to our community soon!